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Carbine Sling

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The TAB GEAR Carbine Sing has a large section of bungee that allows the shooter to tighten the sling completely up against the body, and is strong enough to keep it from bouncing around when not needed, yet still be able to quickly extend the rifle to make a shot without having to loosen anything before doing so.

The bungee is a new technology that incorporates the webbing and bungee into one piece of material for a unique looking sling. We have had the bungee tested at the factory to 200,000 cycles through their test fixture and the bungee showed no wear at all. All of our field-testing has shown no wear in the bungee whether due to being left out in the elements or to repeated use on the range. The front end of the Carbine Sling that attaches to the rifle has nothing sewn to it. This is to allow the shooter to trim the sling length to his liking and re-melt the end. The pull tab that tightens the sling has four bar tacks sewn in to help the tab remain stiff and easy to grab. The pull tab also Velcros onto the webbing going to the front swivel to keep the tail from getting caught up in gear and allows the shooter to adjust pull tension on the tab. The tension lock that releases the tension on the sling has a hole in it which we’ve installed a piece of 550 cord. Both ends of the cord pass through a 2.5” piece of shrink wrap tubing and a large knot is tied up against the shrink wrap. This enables the shooter to easily access the release to loosen the sling. The release is very easy to grasp with gloves on as well. Both ends of the sling come with two Acetal sliders to ensure the sling stays where you want it. There are no sewn in swivels on the TAB GEAR Carbine Sling. This allows the shooter to set up the sling to his liking. We offer several different types of swivels and hooks

  • Keep the sling tight to the body to allow hands free movement without the rifle bouncing around, yet have instant access for a shot if necessary without having to loosen anything before doing so. 
  • Bungee helps pull rifle into shoulder pocket. 
  • Available with Heavy Duty Swivels, Flush Cup Swivels, HK Hooks, or no swivels at all. 
  • All American made supplies used in the construction. 
  • All hardware is Acetyl IR resistant materials.

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