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TAB Gear

     Founded in 2005, we are, and always have been, a family owned and operated business focused on producing the highest quality gear Made in America. We manufacture high quality nylon products for use across the shooting disciplines.

     Because you’re more than just a shooter, you’re a son, a brother, a neighbor, a sister, a hunter, a competitor, a soldier, a person. No matter what walk of life you approach the gun from, you require nothing short of persistently dependable gear. No shot should be wasted, and every shot you take matters.

      Whether you are taking a shot at trophy buck, protecting freedom internationally, or defending the good folks at home, the last thing you, or we, want is a gear failure at a critical moment. We’ve never worried about pricing when searching out raw supplies. Our main concern is quality in everything from raw materials to the craftsmanship in producing everything we make.