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Tripod Sling

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The TAB Gear Tripod Sling was developed with simplicity and versatility...

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A3 Arm Band

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Keep your dope at hand with the A3 Armband.  Simple construction allows ...

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From $2.00

TAB Gear Tac-Straps can be utilized anywhere that you would use a bungee...

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T.A.C.H. Wallet


T.A.C.H. = Tactical Assault Card Holder! Keep your little green soldiers...

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GP Mat

From $65.00

The TAB Gear GP Mat allows you or your K-9 to maintain a level of comfor...

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Bleed Kit

From $30.00

The TAB Gear Bleed Stop Kit is a personal bleed kit that is equipped wi...

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18 oz. TAB Gear Stainless Bison Bottle

$27.00 Sold Out

Show some love and keep your coffee hotter than you'd like this winter. ...

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Tripod Shelf


If you have ever spent an extended period of time behind a spotting scop...

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Barrel Sleeve

From $45.00

The TAB Gear Barrel Sleeve is the perfect refuge for spare bolts and ba...

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Data Book Cover


We’ve used a different manufacturing technique on this and have turned ...

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iPad Cover


This is our first venture from the shooting line of products. Built to ...

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Shoulder Pad


Our PSP was developed from a need that was identified by some of the we...

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