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I wanted to let you know I am very happy with the PRS sling.  I practiced for 20 minutes and used it in the competition the next day.  I used the carabiner technique to shoot off my partner's shoulder while standing, which I had never done before.  It made a world of difference.  It is remarkably faster and easier to get into for the other sling supported positions than the old loop sling.  It is just as, if not more stable.  It is really a great product.


I’ve made 3 orders in the last month and love your gear, service, and honesty (who else refunds excess shipping???).


Just wanted to give TAB GEAR another incredible thank you! I was not at all expecting a $10 refund on shipping!


Just received my PRS up here in the Great White North... Have been shooting professionally for 32 years in the military and now the police. This sling is a solid piece of kit!!! It is easily the best manufactured sling I have ever mounted on one of my firearms; thank you and please keep up the great work.


Received above suppressor cover today. Impressed with fit and finish, and customer service. I will pass on and recommend tab gear as often as I can. Many thanks.


Your products are what every hunter needs who has long range opportunities. (I use bags for any distance just for a more precise and ethical shot.)  I’ll be telling friends and hunters /clients at our hunting plantation about your products and the great stories of who sews them. 


For the record — T.A.B. Gear equipment is absolutely top notch and my go-to for gear like this. Please pass that along to your Team.


I recently competed in the Waco Tactical Fitness Biathlon, which your company was a sponsor of. I want to thank you for your generosity, and for your sponsorship of the shooting sports. I had the opportunity to handle some of your slings on the prize table, and will certainly be purchasing your biathlon sling in the near future. The biathlon sling with shooters loop is exactly what I’ve been looking for and will be perfect for future events. Thank you again for your support, especially of these quickly growing events. 


PS-Still loving the two rifle covers. Lots of envy from other people in the class when is was snowing, raining, and the wind was blowing at 20 mph. I just pulled out the covers and the guns were covered and dry. Worth every penny.


The cover and Sling arrived yesterday. Thank you for the grate job, i am very happy.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I received my large rear bag today and it is bad ass! The handwritten note was a really nice gesture. Thank God my family and I were okay and our homes survived this round. Please continue to pray for those who's lives are put on hold right now to get things situated and our neighbors to the east of us. Again, thank you for the note. You've gained a customer for life. 


I just received my order today – really nice products, and looking forward to putting them to use.  Thanks also for the shipping rebate – unexpected!   Prayers from here  for all of ya’ll re. Harvey.  Be safe.


I received my suppressor cover and it looks and fits great! Just wanted to say thank you!


Just thought I'd let you know the items you sent have arrived and are awesome. Thanks very much. 


just wanted to thank you because my order arrived and its everything I could have wished for. So much so that I want to purchase a  TAB Elite Biathlon sling.    Thank you


I also got some feedback on the gear our military purchased and the guys using your slings and bags are loving them.


I received my Str8 bag today. Thank you for the prompt shipment. I’ve yet to try it out (life gets in the way on occasion) but hope to get to the range soon. First impressions indicate excellent craftmanship, light weight and a bag well suited to my shooting style. I’ve saved your site to my “Shooting” bookmark and will be back for more gear as needs dictate.


Hey, I’ve been using yalls stuff for probably the last eight years now if memory serves me correctly and just thought I’d take the time to let you know that I for one, think your company and products are absolutely bad ass! Even used one of your rear bags that I’ve had forever this past summer when I took my Vudoo 22LR to 1252yds and set the elr record with it. So, there you have it! Y’all stay classy and keep up the good work!


The mat has arrived and it looks great.  Perfect for what I need. Am really happy with the bipod strap and the extra padding.  Also on top of that it still rolls up small.  My other mat looks the size of a suitcase and its splitting on the bottom.  Please thank Tony and the team for working with me on this.  Great service  I am happy.   Thanks again.


Just wanted to say I got the sling and love it so far, it definitely fills the need I had from both shooting off tripods to carrying across county, it’s awesome. Also wanted to thank you for throwing in the straps that is much appreciated and for the discount. I will be sure to tell my team and the other snipers we are working with about y’all. Thanks for making a reliable product.


I received my order today, I must say I'm very pleased with the quality and workmanship in all the products received. Wished I'd found Tab Gear sooner!  Once again a big thanks to you and your colleagues for offering such high quality merchandise at a fair price.