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Six Pack

$119.00 Sold Out

Your tools are designed for hard use, so why not have a bag that's built...

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BushMonkey Knives “SeaMonkey”


Whether you're a seafarer or a wayfarer, this knife is for you. The "Sea...

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TAB Gear Leather Patch


Cover up that pesky velcro with the TAB Gear Leather Patch. It won't mak...

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(FP-1) Flat Pouch - 1


The Flat Pack 1 is a simple, multi-purpose bag that can be utilized as a...

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Hk Hook Keychain

$16.50 Sold Out

A no frills way to hang onto and easily access your keys. Is TAB Gear ma...

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Tripod Sling

From $31.00 Sold Out

The TAB Gear Tripod Sling was developed with simplicity and versatility...

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Badge Holder

$33.00 Sold Out

The TAB Gear Badge Holder With a clear pocket for your ID on the outside...

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From $2.00

TAB Gear Tac-Straps can be utilized anywhere that you would use a bungee...

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T.A.C.H. Wallet


T.A.C.H. = Tactical Assault Card Holder! Keep your little green soldiers...

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Carbine Sling

From $55.00 Sold Out

The TAB GEAR Carbine Sing has a large section of bungee that allows the...

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GP Mat

From $65.00

The TAB Gear GP Mat allows you or your K-9 to maintain a level of comfor...

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(APS) Aerial Platform Sling


The APS Sling is purpose built, tested and in operational use by SWAT &a...

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