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Amphibian Sling

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The Amphibian Sling is a lightweight sling option that can be used on many different weapon systems from bolt guns and lever actions to shotguns. The quick adjust feature with oversized grab handle allows the sling to be loosened or tightened in any slung position and acts as a positional aid on virtually any lighter weight weapon platform.

Non-Metal construction of the sling prevents rust and wear due to harsh elements that it will be subjected to, especially wet / salty environments. (weapon attachments excluded)

A short bungee section makes carry comfortable without introducing bounce while a small adjustable section gives the ability to adjust the overall length of the sling to accommodate packs or cold weather clothing.

*Includes 2x 6" Tac-Straps™ to be used on lever actions or weapons with no attachment points.

*Currently only available in Coyote Brown


  • Non-Metal construction will not rust in wet / salty environments (sling attachments excluded)
  • 1" Mil-Spec Webbing Construction
  • Quick adjust feature with oversized adjustment handle allows the sling to be loosened or tightened on the fly and acts as a positional aid in many positions 
  • Redundant plastic keepers at each end keep the sling securely attached to the rifle
  • Bungee section allows for a comfortable carry without introducing bounce
  • Adjustable section allows adjustment for seasonal clothing
  • Can be slung in patrol carry or across the back to maintain free use of both hands


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