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Biathlon Sling 2.0

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A long standing and widely used favorite, the TAB Gear Biathlon Sling has now been upgraded to afford the same comfortable carry while also allowing the shooter to more readily utilize the sling as a positional aid. 

The addition of two metal Quick Adjust Buckles now allows the sling to be utilized as a positional shooting aid in virtually any position from standing to an unsupported prone without ever coming out of the sling. This feature also allows you to sling the rifle with a single strap like the PRS Sling in a patrol carry OR with both straps in a backpack style carry.

We have also added two integrated Dope Things that allow you to have dope, course of fire or any other pertinent info always in your field of view without breaking your cheek weld.

This sling is the perfect solution to carrying a heavy rifle for long distances. The padded shoulder straps distribute the weapon's load to both shoulders, instead of one, resulting in less shooter fatigue after long periods of travel. Having the load centered on the back aids in maintaining better balance when using two hands for other tasks such as carrying a primary weapon, or navigating steep terrain.

The attachments on our biathlon slings are not sewn in, making them user replaceable and do not require a conversion kit to switch attachment types.


  • 1.5" Mil-Spec Webbing
  • 1 ½” Metal Quick Adjust Buckles 
  • Elastic keepers secure adjustable strap ends
  • Water resistant 1000D Cordura® shoulder straps provide comfort while carrying on the back as well as slung up to shoot
  • Dual Layers of closed cell, waterproof, foam in the shoulders provide comfort and support
  • Dual integrated Dope Things allow you to always have your dope visible in your field of view without breaking your cheek weld
  • User adaptability, shooter can change out swivels to fit different weapon systems
  • Made in Texas with US made materials! 
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 1lb with attachments

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