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(APS) Aerial Platform Sling

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The APS Sling is purpose built, tested and in operational use by SWAT & Aviation units across the country. The sling is designed to be utilized for inside the aircraft rifle shooting by attaching to fixed hard points that exist already in the aircraft. With two adjustable buckles at opposite ends this allows for ambidextrous use to tighten or loosen for length as needed. The incorporation of flat bungee allows the shooter to drive the rifle into the sling thus reducing optical sight picture vibration from the aircraft while allowing the shooter to move the rifle laterally from the 45-90-45 while sitting at 90 degrees inside the aircraft.

The TAB Gear Aerial Platform Sling (APS) was developed to work with the 3 major helicopter manufactures that law enforcement utilizes.
Airbus/Bell Helicopter/McDonnell Douglas

*At this time this product is available in Coyote Brown only.


  • Dual Quick Adjust Buckles allow for ambidextrous adjustment 
  • Proprietary bungee segment decreases sight picture vibration
  • Sewn attachment loop at each in for easy installation / removal
  • Allow for 90 degree range of use
  • Works with all 3 major helicopter mfgrs
                  [Airbus / Bell Helicopter / McDonnell Douglas]


  • 11 oz
  • 11"     - Folded
  • 46.5" - Min Extended Length
  • 72"    - Max Extended Length

Models of Helicopter that the APS has been confirmed to install without modification:

  • Bell 206B3
  • Bell OH-58
  • Bell 407
  • Airbus AS350/H125
  • MD 500E