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The TAB Gear Mag Pouch is the most versatile mag pouch in the game today! 

Not only can this pouch be directly mounted to your belt or any PALS system using the integrated belt loop / MOLLE panel, it also has the ability to accomodate any mag from 5 to 20 rounds. 

By activating the built in "Short Shelf" you can raise the floor of the TAB Gear Mag Pouch without the need to stuff anything in the bottom. Redundant velcro ensures that the shelf will never fail and allows any size magazine to be set so that they consistently protrude from the top of the pouch for quick and easy deployment. 

 The TAB GEAR SAMP is extremely versatile, and can be rapidly configured to fit every short action sized magazine on the market that we’ve tested it in.

SAMP (Short Action) are compatible with but not limited to:

  • P-Mag 7.62 20 round mag
  • Larue 7.62 20 round mag
  • M14/M1A 20 round mag
  • Alpha Mag 10 round mag
  • AI AW 7.62 10 round double stack mag
  • AICS 7.62 10 round mag
  • AICS 7.62 5 round mag
  • Sako 10 round mag

LAMP (Long Action) are compatible with but not limited to:



  • Reinforced mouth has been stiffened to maintain it's shape when empty allowing one handed re insertion.
  • Integrated Belt Loop allows for easy mounting
  • Integrated MOLLE allows for PALS compatibility
  • 2x Malice Clips Included for easy installation
  • PALS webbing on the front allows for stackability
  • Secure built in “ Short Shelf” that won’t fail when using shorter magazines. 
  • 1/8” shock cord secures the magazines and is easily adjusted from long mags to short mags.
  • 1000 Denier Cordura (MC Arid: 500D)
  • Milspec 1” webbing
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


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  • xxoz. 

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