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Nice, sleek and simple, but this belt is no slouch. Multiple lines of stitching down the belt help to give it a clean look and combined with 1.5" scuba webbing, sandwiched between two layers of 1.5" mil-spec webbing, help the belt keep its shape and prevent rolling due to extra weight placed on the belt. An adjustable section of velcro keeps the tail secured.

Great for EDC, as a casual dress belt or filled with kit and holsters.

In those moments when you don't have an extra second to spare the AustriAlpin Cobra buckle allows for a quick and easy "deployment" when needed and has a breaking strength that far surpasses the human body's threshold. In other words, you're going to come apart before this belt does.     


    • Made from 1.5" Mil-Spec Webbing
    • 1.5" Scuba webbing helps maintain shape
    • Multiple rows of stitching for style and rigidity
    • Made in Texas with US made materials! 
    • Lifetime Warranty

    SPECS :

    • 1.5" Wide
    • 7.2oz : 30" w/ Cobra Buckle

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